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Every Coffee Has It's Own Story

Our Coffee Philosophy Why do we choose the product name " Punakawan ", which includes Semar, Gareng, Petruk, and Bagong for our products? Because we sell products that have local contents, namely " Our Culture ". Every coffee is made from the characters of Punakawan (Semar, Gareng Petruk, Bagong). Punakawan is a natuve figure of Javanese puppet theater. These figures represent a variety of human traits or characters on this earth. Semar Badranaya, Nala Gareng, Petruk Kanthong Bolong, and Bagong are very well-known puppet figures even though the younger generation does not know much now. This shows the fading of the nation's culture amid the progress of the era and globalization. The clowns of clowns have their own character that should be a character learning model for living our lives if we understand it. Punakawan has its own form which describes the characters. The following will be briefly described the characters of Semar Badranaya, Nala G

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Dalam rangka ikut mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa dan membangun karakter pemuda Indonesia sejak dini, kami mensupport kegiatan parenting (edukasi pola asuh anak untuk orang tua) bekerjasama dengan Little Bee Parenting Community (Instagram: littlebeeparenting).